Kyle will launch a brand new single and music video for a song called “Chose To Be a Man” on Friday, August 3. The new single is the first in a series of new releases that will follow later this year.

Rowdy and dynamic, “Chose To Be A Man” is a “song for the boys.”

“Yeah, it’s a little bit of a chest-beater, I guess”, Kyle jokes, “but you’d be surprised the reaction I get from women. A lot of women come up during the shows with their thumbs up. I think they identify with it too and connect with the underlying message.”

“There’s some weird sort of social demasculinazation of men movement going on as if it’s become offensive or socially taboo or out of touch to identify as a “man’s man”. I think we need MORE tough, proud, masculine, strong, God-fearing men in our society, not less.” “There was a time when it was a good thing to possess those attributes and today it’s almost become regarded in some sects as backward thinking or “politically incorrect.”

“Chose To Be a Man” for me is an anthem for the guys and pays homage to strength, love, and courage in lockstep with chivalry, humility, spirituality, and taking responsibility and doing the hard things. It’s a declaration. A constitution. It’s for guy out there who doesn’t talk about getting it done or complain about getting it done, they just go and do it. It’s dirt and blood, and knuckles and sweat mixed with love and grace.”

“Chose To Be a Man” the single will be available at iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and all digital media outlets on Friday 8/3, and the official video will debut on Kyle’s YouTube channel at!



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