Kyle announced today that he’s set to go into the studio the first week of January to record some new material he’s written over the past year.

The recording session scheduled for January 9th is slated to track 6 new songs. It hasn’t been announced whether all 6 will be released when the new material comes out in late spring/early summer.

There is no official name for the project at this time, but the material will be produced in a traditional country style Jennings loves so much.

“The new songs will reflect a style vintage to older country with an edge. Similar to the production style of “You Can Hear The Ryman Cry” and a lot of songs on my my first record. This is my wheelhouse. It’s the kind of traditional rooted music I love to write and play and I can’t wait to get back into the studio and make some legit country music again.”

The new music will be released exclusively on digital formats like iTunes, Google Play, and various digital streaming platforms.

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