From His Blue Collar Upbringing To His Hockey Career, Jennings Album Is An American Narrative

1004NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Monday, June 20, 2016) – Comstock, Michigan’s Kyle Jennings will release his brand new full-length album American Vinyl on Aug. 12. Through Jennings incredible storytelling ability, the album provides a glimpse into the life of a man with the blue collar work ethic instilled as a child, the hardship, triumph and passion of an athlete, and the vision of someone who’s American pride pulses through every strum of his guitar. Jennings brings 13 tracks of traditional country guaranteed to be the new soundtrack to a good Saturday night.

Jennings’ video for “Jesus, Jack Daniels, & Me” premiered on The Boot in January. Filmed at his family’s cabin on Pine Lake in Michigan, the video showcases the former hockey player’s vibrant personality and his affinity for the simple things in life; love, the outdoors, friends, and telling his story through his songs.

This is the music that I am proud to stand behind as an artist. This is me; Kyle Jennings in a record. I also wanted to return to a time when releasing an album was an event. I named the album American Vinyl in honor of those times when people scurried to the local record store and bought their favorite band’s brand new album. They brought it home, dropped the needle on the record player, read all the liner notes, and listened to the entire album with a group of friends all weekend. That’s what I wanted this album to be,” explains Jennings.

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